iHub Africa offers a world class, industry tailored skill training program, and it is absolutely free. Yes, Free. Gratis. Mahala.

Sounds too good to be true? It isn’t. Keep reading to see how we’ve worked to change lives over the past five years.

Here’s what some of our graduates have to say:

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Asking questions is a great skill

Here are some answers to some questions you might have.

Is this the right digital marketing program for me?

iHubbers are youth aged 20-30 who are humble, hungry and smart, with a solutions oriented mindset. We seek individuals who are eager to grow holistically while gaining digital marketing skills to participate in a global economy. Our values are curiosity, compassion, innovation, communication, diversity, integrity, excellence and personal responsibility. If this resonates with you, this may just be the program for you!

What are the program days and times?

Students are required to attend the program onsite from Monday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, starting at the end of January and running until the end of November. This schedule ensures you get the most practical training experience.

How long is the iHub Africa digital marketing program?

Our digital marketing program spans 10 months, running from February to November, with a few short breaks in between. Consistent attendance and excellent performance are essential to move through the program’s phases successfully.

What will I need to complete the digital marketing program?

We provide all the resources and equipment onsite for your training. To thrive in this challenging program, having a strong support network of friends, family, and peers will be invaluable.

Still uncertain on a few things, or need additional clarity? No problem. Check out our FAQs page or you can email us your questions.

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