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iHub Africa’s Impact Story



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Why iHub Africa?

Access to Opportunity. Youth Unemployment. Job Readiness.

“Talent is distributed evenly,
opportunity is not.”

In South Africa, we see this every day. With more than 60% youth unemployment and a huge skills gap, employment opportunities are scarce.

That is why iHub Africa was born – to create opportunities and unlock the global potential for underserved African youth!

With a laser sharp focus on the personal and business skills required in today’s market, an industry-led digital marketing program and an international job-placement network, we set our students up to go further and faster into their future.

So our vision…

iHub’s vision is to provide innovative access to opportunities to African youth that will unlock the potential of the next generation, connecting them to the local & global digital economy.

Leave A Legacy.
Shape The Future.

We can’t tackle this massive issue on our own. We all have a part to play, and together we can shape the future! There
are many ways you can join the journey and invest into the future of the youth of Africa. Here’s a few:


We provide the program at no cost to the student, but the level of excellence, training and support takes a significant investment.

This includes the full range of free training and support our students are offered including:

Transport Support

Access To Equipment

High Speed Internet

Daily lunch


This includes the full range of free training and support our students are offered including:

Payroll Support

Local Contracts

Hotdesk Worskplace & Internet Access

General Team Support


Get to know our students firsthand by either supporting a student as a Coach or providing a once-off “Masterclass” to a group of students on a relevant area of your choosing. It truly is an amazing experience to contribute to a young person’s growth by offering 45 minutes of your time every two weeks for dedicated support, accountability, and encouragement.

Each student is assigned a Coach to journey with them through triumphs, challenges, and roadblocks along the way.

Ready to invest and leave a legacy?