The Impact

We believe that iHub is not only building and changing the future of our students,
but also has the potential to shape the future of the global digital market.

Adrian Gwaza’s Impact Story


I came to iHub at the most challenging time of my life, and I am grateful that the iHub team believed and encouraged me into pushing forward. Most free schools would have never taken a chance on someone eight months pregnant looking to start a challenging journey. iHub allowed me to grow and learn without worry. Through iHub, I got an opportunity to meet incredible people that have become role models.


iHub Africa is the most effective and efficient institution when it comes to teaching students the theory around “being a good leader, and a teachable student” at the same time. The skills, abilities or attributes I have gained from this program have enabled me to improve my business practices and earn a source of income by offering the services I have been taught to give to a consumer in this ever changing world of digital.


iHub gave me hope for a brighter future when I felt like my chances of ever making it in life were non-existent. I am becoming a phenomenal woman because iHub gave me a chance, a second chance to make better choices, love better and grow.

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